Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Often, married couples find that they are no longer able to conceive baby. They are known as infertile couples when pregnancy isn’t achieved after trying for one or more than one year. However, there are several unexplained infertility causes behind those 7 million people in all around the world.

Most infertility cases are treated with drugs treatments or hormone therapy or surgery. However, there are more than 3% cases which require advanced treatments, such as egg donation, IVF treatments etc. fortunately, some people in this small percentage do have successful pregnancies, wheres other choose to adopt and some become parents through surrogacy in Ontario.

A surrogate is a women who carries a child for an individual or a couple for – usually called the intended parents, 9 months. And after delivery, hand out the baby to the intended parents with all rights.

Why do Women Decide to Be an Surrogates?

Women who choose to become a surrogate mother often says that the only reason behind this is they want to help other, they love being pregnant, love to carry baby for 9 months and experiencing the miracle of birth, but unfortunately, they are finished having their own children. In fact, they also inspired to help a couple have their own child.

Some women become surrogate just for their good relations with intended parents. Because a friend or family member asked them to be a Surrogate Mother for them, they happily help them. While surrogates are paid for their all discomforts, time; chances are very less to find a surrogate mother who is in this for only money.

How Can You Help Couples being a Surrogate?

Surrogacy can help a couples have a child who can’t carry a pregnancy for 9 months or give birth. Some women may have experienced many miscarriages and repeated failure of IVF. Another reason could be medical condition of intended mother.

When there is become very difficult to find surrogate in your city, many couple opt international surrogacy. Where they go abroad and find surrogate mother through agency.


Surrogacy can also be used to help gay couples to have a child.

The difference between Traditional and a Gestational Surrogate

If you are traditional Surrogate Mother, you will be biologically related to the born baby, as your eggs are used. You act as are both an egg donor and surrogate mother, in this case.

Gestational surrogacy is also known as IVF treatment. Here, gestational surrogate mother will not be biologically related to the born baby. The intended mother may be give her eggs or an egg donor will be used.

Because of legal and emotional complications that arise during traditional surrogacy, Gestational Surrogacy is most preferred option.
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